Latest coronavirus information

Latest Coronavirus information for Students

As per the latest Coronavirus information, the epidemic of coronavirus has been affecting heaps of lives worldwide. A novel coronavirus, a new type as the name suggests, is thought to have originated in Wuhan, China.

The first said case coronavirus was on 31st December 2019 and considering that then, 199 nations had been mentioned to have confirmed instances of Coronavirus.

Latest coronavirus information

As per the latest Coronavirus information, many nations have suspended their visas and a number of the universities have closed their exchange and examine abroad programs because of the hazard of the epidemic.

In this article, we are telling about the coronavirus and its effects on international students concerning reading overseas and the latest Coronavirus information for the student.

Because of the COVID-19, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( CDC ) issued guidance for institutions of higher education to “consider postponing or canceling student foreign exchange programs” in all countries. According to the latest Coronavirus information, mainly all the countries are lockdown. Lockdown is the only way to control this epidemic.

Which Countries are most affected due to Coronavirus?

Latest Coronavirus Information

With more than 155 countries confirming coronavirus cases, and several countries reporting suspected cases, the outbreak has already placed the world on a public health high-alert.
As of today Latest Coronavirus information

  • The USA ranks in first place
  • China
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Germany
  • Iran
  • France
  • Switzerland
  • U.K.

As per the Latest Coronavirus information, these are the most affected countries caused by Coronavirus. Coronavirus easily affects older age people or children below or equal 10 because their immune system is not so strong.

Today 26 June 2020, According to the Latest Coronavirus information the total number of cases and the death toll

In Brazil, the total cases are 1,233,147 people are caused by coronavirus where the death toll is 55,054 peoples.

In Russia, the total number of cases is 620,794 people are caused by coronavirus where the death toll is 8,781 peoples.

In the USA, the total number of cases is 2,504,676 people are caused by coronavirus where the death toll is 126,785 peoples.

In India, the total number of cases is 491,170 people are caused by coronavirus where the death toll is 15,308 peoples.

In UK, the total number of cases is 307,980 people are caused by coronavirus where the death toll is 43,230 peoples.

In Spain,, the total number of cases is 294,566 people are caused by coronavirus where the death toll is 28,330 peoples.

In Italy, the total number of cases is 239,706 people are caused by coronavirus where the death toll is 34,678 peoples.

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How does Coronavirus Affect the Study abroad?

Latest Coronavirus Information

As per the latest coronavirus information for the students, I can explain to you through the diagram,

As you can see, the majority of aspiring students who wanted to go to study abroad have been unaffected from the outbreak. 62% of these students have no changes in their plans.

Latest coronavirus information

Remaining of those, 27% of students said that it has affected their study abroad plans going ahead. Out of this 27 %, 37% of students said that they would appear for their study abroad next year, and more 33% they would try and apply for a different country than first intended.

This is strange as you can see a large number of aspiring students would not affect with coronavirus outbreak. As per the latest coronavirus information, now a large number of students can apply for abroad study in the next year.

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Main Impact on Abroad study

1. As per the latest Coronavirus information. Program in China for U.S. college students has been canceled for the spring semester. College students in some programs in different international locations seeing spikes in COVID-19 cases, together with Italy, are being sent home early.

2. The coronavirus will affect the extracurricular tour that students like to plot for their weekends and holidays while studying abroad or to tack on after they complete their program. If your pupil will tour outdoor the program’s house, they ought to get guidance from the program approximately safe (and unsafe) nations to go to and closely reveal the U.S. State Department’s Travel Advisories internet site for the contemporary. S .-by-USA advisories.

3. The coronavirus will also impact summertime and fall travel and observe overseas. If your scholar is getting to know and making use of for summertime or fall programs at this time, they must make sure to stay on pinnacle of breaking news and are seeking greater guidance from observing overseas advisors on campus.

A Challenging Situation for International Students

Latest Coronavirus Information

In excess of 350,000 Chinese Students go to American schools and colleges. NPR gave an account of the pressure experienced by a portion of the 5,800 Chinese students at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champagne. Prior in the term, students who had made a trip back to China over winter break were observing their wellbeing and regularly wearing covers just to on the side of caution.

Perpetually there is a shame. A few students met for the NPR story felt there as progressively strain among worldwide and non-universal understudies.

Each school and college that selects universal students to have an office to help them and these workplaces will put forth additional attempts to guide students stressed over family back home or who experience separation, notwithstanding encouraging scholastic facilities for understudies stranded back home in China due to travel bans.

Guardians and relatives of international students can likewise be in contact with this division in the event that they have questions or concerns.

What message should the universities tell the students

Latest Coronavirus Information

The best way to protect yourself is

  1. wash your hand in every 15 minutes
  2. Wear mask
  3. Try to avoid chilled water, icecream because they caused cough and sneezing which is dangerous
  4. Stay at home
  5. Elbow cough into it
  6. Don’t touch your face
  7. Keep safe distance
  8. Cover your nose and mouth with a disposable tissue or flexed elbow when you cough or sneeze
  9. Stay home and self-isolate from others in the household if you feel unwell
  10. Wash your hands regularly for 20 seconds, with soap and water or alcohol-based hand rub
  11. Make sure old age people and children till the age of 10 should safe and stay at home only.
  12. Eat green vegetables for strengthening your immune system.
  13. Don’t panic
  14. Keep calm
  15. Use your time wisely
  16. It’s a great time to spent your quality time with your family.
  17. Enroll for the Online short time course related to your domain
  18. For Latest Coonavirus Information Visit WHO

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Response to Latest Coronavirus information on Campus

We all know that this is a very crucial time for parents whose children are in Abroad. They are worried about their child’s health & safety. But don’t worry, the health services of College or university are monitoring the student’s cases on campus by communicating with students, faculty, and staff. By now most schools have information and updates posted on their websites.

Is there student still applying for Abroad education

As per the Latest Coronavirus information or our survey now the Indian student is not ready for applying for Abroad education. Even the student who already give fees to the education counselor try to take our money back because of the epidemic disease Coronavirus. I think this is a good decision because according to the Latest Coronavirus information the situation is not so good to stay away from home. And even all the International institutions are also shut down which means the education sectors are going down and this is also not a good sign for our world economy also.


As per the latest Coronavirus information, current situations students have to take postponed their planning for aborad study. You can apply for the next session if the situation is in control otherwise you can wait for the next year’s session. Indian government stops all the work because of the epidemic disease coronavirus so this causes there is very little chance or almost nil chance to get approval for Visa.

Till now take care of yourself and your family too. Wash your hand in every 15 minutes and wear the mask. Take precautions because precaution is better than cure.

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