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So, congrats guys, that you decided for FREE IELTS PREPARATION. So, first, you need to know the exact roadmap for preparation. This means you have to exact plan for preparation.

If we are talking about the most popular English language proficiency test then First IELTS (International English Language Testing System) comes in mind either for education abroad or for global migration.

Today we are going share as much as content for IELTS EXAM PREPARATION so that you will achieve your goal.

What is IELTS?

IELTS, the INTERNATIONAL ENGLISH LANGUAGE TESTING SYSTEM is a basic test for those who want to study or work in ENGLISH SPEAKING country. Basically the most popular countries for ENGLISH SPEAKING are- UK, the USA, New Zealand, Australia, or Canada.

So, if you are applying for these countries then you must clear the ielts exam.


Ielts preparation

Thousands of organizations globally trust IELTS. It gives you confidence. After giving the exam you feel more confident. Moreover, IELTS accepted globally.
IELTS recognized by educational institutions, professional bodies, government authorities around the world.
So, that’s why we trust IELTS and also why it is important.

Types of IELTS

IELTS Academic & IELTS General Training are the two types of IELTS exam.
Two sections are the same Listening and speaking, however writing & reading sections are vary depending which takes one takes.

Let us tell you one thing, that Listening, writing and reading sections are completed on the same day without any breaks. However, the speaking section can be completed either a week before or after the test date.


Ielts preparation

If you are looking for abroad either for study or for immigration you have to submit the IELTS or TOEFL. But only for the speaking country. As above we already shared the IELTS but now we are going to share the first TOEFL

What is TOEFL ?

Test of English as a Foreign Language is an exam where the American company, ETS, to measure an individual’s speaking, writing, and listing in the English language.

It based on the two methods first ONLINE, second OFFLINE. Let us tell you one thing most popular method of the TOEFL exam is online. So, you can go and apply for the TOEFL test at designated centers across all countries. Generally, it takes FOUR hours to complete the test.

Australia and the UK are accepting the test, and likely Americans will favor this exam over the IELTS test.


Both IELTS and TOEFL tests consist of four sections:- speaking, language, listening, and reading.
So, if we are talking about the IELTS it consists of short answers and essay question, however TOEFL only consist of MCQ’s (Multiple choice questions)

CostVaries by country
generally, $200 to $250
Varies by country
Generally, $180 to $300
Lenght2 hours & 45 minutes4 hours
Test SectionListening :- 30 minutes
Reading :- 60 minutes
writing :- 60 minutes
Speaking: 11-14 minutes
Listening :- 60 – 90 minutes
Reading :- 60- 80 minutes
Writing :- 50 minutes
Speaking :- 20 minutes
How frequently test is offered48 test dates per yearMore htan 50 test dates per year
Scoring Scale0 to 90 to 120
Avg. minimum Score required by ranked US Universities6.378


IELTS is jointly owned by the British Council, IDP: IELTS Australia and Cambridge Assessment English.

Ielts preparation

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RECENT updates on IELTS

Latest updates on the fee that IELTS fee is being revised to INR 14,000 for registration from 1st-April-2020

So, guys don’t miss the opportunity and enroll for the IELTS preparation course.

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Hey !! For education, there is no barrier. Anyone give the test any nationality,
age, gender, or anyone. But yeah your age must be above 16 years. Apply for IELTS COURSE.

How many attempts can be given for IELTS?

Let me tell you one good news guys, there is no maximum limit of exam. IELTS authority does’t set any maximum number of IELTS exam attempts.

What are the education eligibility to give IELTS exam?

No, there is no such kind of education require for IELTS exam. However, you will get the IELTS coaching for exam.

How to do IELTS exam preparation ?

There is no such procedure but yes you can take consultation from the counseling team. They will guide you step by step

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