Uk Skill Shortage 2020

2020 UK Skill Shortage list

Over 32 million people are currently doing employment and earn money, but still, there’s a UK Skill Shortage in some fields. We’ve researched job demand within the United kingdom by the key sectors listed by the Visa Bureau. This shows where to go if you employed in industries like education, finance, and healthcare.

UK Skills Shortage Jobs Demand

UK Skill Shortage
UK Skill Shortage
UK Skill Shortage
UK Skill Shortage
UK Skill Shortage
UK Skill Shortage

UK Skill Shortage Job: Healthcare Industry Breakdown

The healthcare sector invaluable in part of UK society, however, it faces high demand like many other industries. UK Skill Shortage jobs within the health sectors are very demanding. From social workers to radiographers, look under to seek out the regions where the absolute best demand sits.

Medical Professions
North West9.18
South East7.31
South West6.76
Yorkshire and the Humber3.56
North East & Cumbria 5.06
Northern Ireland2.39
East Midlands5.39
Wales 8.18

Uk Best paid Jobs Demand in 2020

Director of Construction £85,148
Tax Director £85,742
Vice president of Finance £86,517
Unit Director  £86,727
Managing Director  £88,101
Anesthesiologist  £89,501
Paediatrician £89,723
Senior Director £90,059
Plastic surgeon £90,922
Nephrologist £91,521
Director of catering £91,578
Director of product management  £92,692
Rheumatologist £91,724
Ophthalmologist £91,704
Dermatologist £93,282
Vice president of engineering £108,623
Chief financial officer £112,666
Vice president of sales £109,278
Orthodontist £99,010
Neonatologist £92,003

Neonatologists: who take care of newborn babies.

Rheumatologists: who treat diseases in the joints.

Ophthalmologists: who deal with eye disorders and rest is also medical Specialism.

Bill Richards, U.K. managing director for Indeed, said,

” With many professional healthcare employees working hours below intense pressure, and doubtless making life-or-death decisions inside the tactic, such excessive salaries could also be seen as a just reward for their hard work and expertise”

So, there’s some overview of UK Skill Shortage or jobs demand by region.

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